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when you, or your chick get all moody and shit beacuse she's on her period ;

she's basically bi-polar, & when he doesn't tell you why, you get angry.. then when she does, your dumbass says some dumb shit to make it worse
ahh fuck! my chicks' on her rag

why you being such a bitch? get off your rag

are yu on your rag, 'cause you been acting all bi'polar and shit
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 12, 2009
A woman.
Evolved from "on the rag" meaning having one's period, to "rag" meaning a woman who is having her period, to "rag" just meaning any woman in general.

DISCLAIMER: Women tend to find this term a bit offensive. Calling a woman this may slightly decrease your chances of getting laid.
Guy: "Damn bitch you's one smokin' hot rag. I wouldn't mind tearin' up yo' big ol' ghetto ass."
Girl: (smacks him, pours beer on him, and leaves)
by Nick D August 04, 2005
1.V. to give someone a hard time
see also: giving the business, giving shit, f*ckin wit ya
2.N. Womens' period
see also: exscuse for immature women to act rude
I was raggin on him prety good.
I can't swim, Im on the rag.
by T December 01, 2003
whereas the "rag" originally referred to the maxi pad used when a woman is on her period, "on the rag" is now used generally to mean having/being on your period, whether or not one uses a maxi pad.
girl 1: What's with the mood swings?
girl 2: She's on the rag.
by girlsetsfire March 03, 2005
A woman's time of the month
The bitch was on her rags, she bleed all over my kitchen table!
by Jooboy July 02, 2003
Not caring, Without thought or emotion
I'm going to break into his house and set him on fire, rags!
by Urban Raggamuffin July 01, 2003
being on your period and not being too happy about it.
"fuck off asswipe, i'm on my rag."
by hifiphoenix March 22, 2003
Stands for 'Regardless Anything GoeS'
"You aint got any money for the tube!"
"Blud I'll bump it, rags!"
by Dont_Watch August 30, 2005