Stands for 'Regardless Anything GoeS'
"You aint got any money for the tube!"
"Blud I'll bump it, rags!"
by Dont_Watch August 30, 2005
A newspaper, magazine, or other type of printed publication not worthy of your respect. Something with which you would wipe up a mess, as with a cloth rag.
I started my career in journalism by working at a small newspaper. It was a rag, but the editors gave me some good advice.
by James Crockett January 19, 2006
1. A piece of cloth that you use to clean stuff.
2. A slang term for a womans period.
3. A slang term for women in general.

(warning women find being called rag offensive)
Example 1.
Me: I need to borrow that rag to wipe down the table.
Other guy: okay bro.

Example 2
Me: Was she on her rag today or something?
Other guy: I don't know, she's being a bitch today though.

Example 3:

Me: Dayyumm look at that rag over there. She's sexy!
Other guy: Daaaaaayyyummmm! She's fine!
by Demonic bro December 08, 2013
Stands for Random Asian Girl. Usually found while consuming alcohol.
"Who was that girl you hooked up with last night?"
"I don't know, some RAG."
by Ruoyek Cufi January 06, 2007
Random Asian Girl.
Person #1: Yo, do you know that RAG Tiffany?
Person #2: No, of course not. Why would I?
by woopeg October 28, 2008
How Asians, particularly Japanese, pronounce the word "lag."
*Counter-strike freezes*

Random Asian guy: "Fucking rag!!!"
by Anono Guy October 08, 2008
To rag someone is to have sex. Not exacly a loving term either, we're talkin hard fucking action
"I went to my bird's house last nite."
"Oh yeah? Did you rag her harsh?
by mathowz November 29, 2004

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