The eighteenth letter in the alphabet.
abcdefghijklmnopq*R*stuvwxyz p.s. pppprrrrrrr
by Cornrowler August 04, 2005
it's like saying are
You r an idiot
You are an idiot
by Ramiro316 July 19, 2005
The letter that sounds similar to what a pirate says.
Bill: You know what a pirate's favorite letter is?
Jill: No, what?
Bill: R!!
by [mute] December 15, 2004
R is a velocity measure, defined as a reasonable speed that is consistant with health, mental well being and not being more than five minutes late. It is, therefore, clearly an almost infinitly variable fingure accoridng to circumstances, since the first two factors very not only with speed taken as an absolute, but also with awareness of the third factors. Unless handled with tranquillity this equation can result in considerable stress, ulcers and even death.
WTF? Is that thing going at R17?
by megarock April 05, 2004
The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person present indicative tense of the verb "to be". "r" is never capitalized, even when it appears at the beginning of a sentence.
"IRS r teh sux0r!!1"
"r u hot?"
by DOOM$DAY PROFIT March 01, 2004
A Clock Crew animation by Da Dinictus.
"Life is a constant pitfall in hell you sway through"
-Da Dinictus
by Clock Crew November 07, 2003
Lame/lazy/leet version of "are," depending on how one views it.
They r blind.
by MoonKnight November 11, 2002

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