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Of or pertaining to the urban "street" culture, undergound, based around the core of hip-hop, skateboarding, bmx etc.
You that dude was fly and dressed so street!
by Liam October 24, 2003
The hottest sorority known to man... best looking girls, best dancers, biggest drinkers... a parties not a party unless the AST's are there!
Frat Guy: Holy Shit, look at those hot girls dancing on that table, they must be AST's
by Liam February 23, 2005
really buetiful
that girl is so zenaida
by liam March 01, 2004
when having and argument wiv someone this is the way to stop it.
go and suck your mum!!!!
by liam April 08, 2005
An irish slang word for 'Shit'
See also shite
Ah for f**ks sake, who is after walking gog gick into the new carpet ?
by Liam August 25, 2003
An affirmation, usually to a preceeding statement.
Origin: Australia
'Id rather be done up the butt than see that guy again' .. 'Damn Straight!'
by Liam September 27, 2003
great band , ben weasel is a genious for his awesome pop punk tunes \m/
supermarket fantasy , stupid over you , stupid girl , you blister my paint , planet of the apes i wanna be a homosexual , the girl next door
by liam January 19, 2005

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