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The lazy person's version of many, many words, such as:

1. Yes
2. No
3. Correct
4. Hello
5. Goodbye
6. Fine thanks

The word, or letter, may prefix certain textual emoticons, which enhance its meaning.

It is however important to remember that the usage is context sensitive, so make sure you think before you speak.

- Mostly used among members of Demon Internet's noc.
Hi, how are you?
- r :)

Speak to you later!
- r :D

Thats the one isn't it?
- r.

Can I do this?
- r. (open to interpretation)
by alz March 22, 2004
650 431

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The spoken sound to acknowledge failure or a Let Down decision. It is emitted from one's mouth either voluntarily or involuntarily upon receipt of bad news.
Henry: Are you coming on holiday with us?
Steve: I want to, but unfortunately I have no money.
Henry: R.
by pppmmunuay March 26, 2009
352 154
The non existant letter in any bostonian's vocabulary.
"Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd" (Park the car in Harvard yard)
by anonymous December 30, 2003
612 428
a lazy form of typing the word are.
by Erin Wakey Balowey December 05, 2003
300 283
One of the most amazing guys you'll ever meet. He can make the girl he loves smile all the time and can give butterflies to any girl that he wants. One of the most faithful guys on this earth
by RHLKC99 November 09, 2013
8 3
(v) to rape
Girl: "Wait, why did you just make me swallow those pills?"
Me: "I'm going to R you"
by R-ist June 08, 2012
23 23
(verb) On Blackberry Messenger, when you read someone's message and ignore it. The sender will see an R appear next to their sent message, meaning that they know you read their message and didn't reply.
"She just asked me to hang out tonight but I r'd her."
"Why did you r my message?"
"He just r'd my message!"
by bbm feign October 23, 2009
16 32