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A Clock Crew animation by Da Dinictus.
"Life is a constant pitfall in hell you sway through"
-Da Dinictus
by Clock Crew November 07, 2003
An MPAA movie rating that stands for "Restricted". Movies with an "R" rating are not allowed to be viewed by those under 17 without a parent or guardian present. Also, these movies may contain a great amount of or very intense violence. Complete nudity and sex are also permitted, but they usually may not appear simultaneously (doing so would mean an nc-17 rating). Additionally, any movie that uses the word "fuck" more than once, or any movie that uses the word "fuck" at all and refers to intercourse is automatically rated "R", regardless of other content in the movie. A fine example of this rule is the "The Castle", which would probably be rated PG if not for the profanities.

"R" is the second most severe movie rating, one "step" above PG-13, and one "step" below the seldom-seen NC-17.
She can't watch that movie, it's rated R and she's only five years old.
by Get Firefox, please January 11, 2005
short for refer, pot, and marajuana
Hey, I just scored some nice green R.
by Pete February 04, 2005
Short for 'reject' or loner
i wish jake wudnt hang around with us, he is such an r!
by Liam December 17, 2003