Queens of the Stone Ages best album. Contains their most famous song, 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer'.
'Leg of Lamb'and 'Autopilot' are brilliant songs.
by dudeman May 23, 2004
The laziest way to type the word "are". Used by many AOL girls on the Internet.
U r goin to da mall?
by |darc| December 18, 2002
Davey: Acer do you have my back?
Acer: Till i die
Davey: Thats so fucking R!
by Y-Town Bros April 01, 2010
(verb) On Blackberry Messenger, when you read someone's message and ignore it. The sender will see an R appear next to their sent message, meaning that they know you read their message and didn't reply.
"She just asked me to hang out tonight but I r'd her."
"Why did you r my message?"
"He just r'd my message!"
by bbm feign October 23, 2009
The sexiest fucking letter in the known alphabet, followed closely by V.
R is the best thing to happen to humanity and you know it, no exceptions.
by Roastmasters June 24, 2009
the way a chinaman says L
person:why do you say the R, you use the letter l to say hello
by el senor April 14, 2007
The abbreviated version of the word "rape"
"I don't want someone to r me in that dark parking lot at night!"

"Dude I just got r-ed by that chem final."
by FZ June 26, 2006

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