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A quick wank.

That is my definition and it doesnt have to be 20 letters you turd.
Hmm. I fancy a quank.
by .:: Bomber ::. September 03, 2004
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The sound produced by a mechanical duck.
Once activated, Doctor Farnwarth's mechanical duck sprang to life and declared, "QWANK!"
by TheBigDavester January 13, 2012
Quick wank
When I get home from school I have a qwank before my mum gets home
by shmozzle May 12, 2010
Someone who enjoys butt sex but is not gay or homosexual
That qwank was awesome
by Fun at school January 06, 2010
A penis fart
I thought I needed to piss, but when I got to the toilet I just let out a HUGE Qwank!
by Fuck you sheindizzle! September 21, 2009
me mam said it by accident, sounded kinda cool so added it here
wat qwank you call this?
you qwank the door is open
by philip May 20, 2004
qwank is a slang word for the space between you balls and your asshole.

Its also the name of a band from Lowell, MA during the late 90's

She kicked me in the qwank

by Qwank127 March 04, 2006

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