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Similar to a queef but done from the anus of a gay guy right after the dick has been pulled out of his butt. Air gets trapped in his rectum after he's been slammed by another dude.
Dude, can you please not queerf right after I pull out? The smell is kind of a turnoff.
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
A gay guy having a really gross Blooday wet fart after intercourse with another gay guy
owen does it all the time
by laird April 07, 2005
A queer, mostly a girl that was a man, who queefs.
'damn, that queerf is a loser.'
by jackkkieeebug June 26, 2012
Abbreviation Of Queerface
Corinne Is A Queerf.
by Rachel = ] August 24, 2007
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