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Similar to a queef but done from the anus of a gay guy right after the dick has been pulled out of his butt. Air gets trapped in his rectum after he's been slammed by another dude.
Dude, can you please not queerf right after I pull out? The smell is kind of a turnoff.
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
A fart, usually as a result of having air pushed into the rectum by a dick.
Dude, that bung burp smelled like semen. Go wash your ass!
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
To stain one's pants or underwear, either from prairie doggin' or from a fart that turns into a shit.
Linda tried to fart but stooned her pants instead. I told her, NO STOONIN' ON THE BAYOU!
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
A vagina.
Wash your bug, it smells life fish.
by QueerBaitME October 30, 2009
Your balls and sack. When your girl is in the missionary position and you're fuckin' her in the twat, your balls bounce (knock) against her anus (ring).
Man, he's pounding her so hard, his balls have become a real Ringknocker.
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009
A person who is known for shitting their pants after trying to let a fart.
Linda is one of the biggest stooners I've ever met. Every time we go out shopping, she tries to let a fart but shits her pants instead.
by QueerBaitME October 29, 2009

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