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A hard nipple
Man I like to suck on those queebles
by james December 12, 2003
another word for little boobies.
That girl has a huge rack, but her friend has queebles
#breasts #boobs #orbs #jubblies #fun bags
by joosaay November 11, 2007
stupid meaningless or useless object
what did that little queeble want?
by Elena June 09, 2003
An especially lame complaint. Worse than a quibble.
That stupid motherfucker will just find something else to queeble about.
#whine #cry #complain #lame #petty
by Cunt 420 December 09, 2013
When a cocksucker twink cries rape instead of putting out as usual.
Chad used to give me blowjobs regularly, but now all he does is queeble.
#cocksucker #twink #blowjobs #sex #rape
by Hoooweee January 08, 2014
Similar to a sperble however, a queeble originates in the vagina. A quible is sperm infused buble resulting from a queef.
As she lay there silently after sex, suddently a queeble apeared.
#sperble #queef #queble #quible #quebil
by Ferris F. March 12, 2009
a farting sound eminating from the vagina as a stiff penis is rammed home
Oh darling!?
by Richard johnston January 14, 2004
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