Top Definition
(Pronounced: kwed)
Short for Queer Head
Oliver James Hampson you are such a fucking qued.
#queer head faggot #quer #head #twat #wanker
by Cokefiend^ July 06, 2008
(Pronounced: kwed)
Within the Homosexual community:
When the recipient of Gloryhole sexual activity (usually anal sex), stays in the cubicle for more than one session.
Also, when performing oral sex on multiple partners in a gloryhole, it can be described as "queing for food".
-"Dude, I heard that Nathan totally qued in the toilets at Thorpe Park for like an hour!"
-"I heard he qued for food, the sicko!".
#anal sex #glory hole #homosexual #gay #gloryhole
by oddsox May 04, 2009
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