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A transgendered, non-gendered, or ambiguously gendered monarch.
It will be many generations still before England sees its first quing.
by cazort October 30, 2003
A bed that is not quite as large as a king bed yet is larger than a queen bed
The lavender sheets on this quing bed feel wonderful
by bananarama April 18, 2005
The gap between your toes
King: You there!!

Servant: Yes Sire?
King: Fetch my quing cleaning kit!!
Servant: But sire!....
King: i am the King god dammit! do as i say!
Servant: As you wish
*servant returns*
King: For your insolence, you must now lick my quing!
Servant: *groans*
by PeakDistrictExped2009 May 26, 2009
a synonym for "queen," as in "king and quing"
Teariki and Cypress are king and quing of the world.
by padmouse April 20, 2008
A woman with particularly large breasts.
That quing is going to fall over one day her tits are so big.
by Mike Rotchburns October 24, 2006

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