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A broad term referring to any individual whose gender expression is different from their biological or genetic sex. It includes everything from a crossdresser who is happy with their birth sex to a transsexual having sexually reassignment surgery to become the opposite sex. It should be noted that being transgendered is not an indication of whether or not a person is gay.
Bill wears feminine clothes because he is transgendered.

Mary wears masucline clothes because she is transgendered.

by Zim1 June 05, 2006
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists gender dysphoria as a mental illness. The condition is also sometimes known as: gender identity disorder, gender incongruence or transgenderism. Contrary to the transgendered people raging on here it's not something that's "normal" and these people need therapy rather than surgery.
Jimmy thought he had been born as the wrong gender so he had a sex change and is now Transgender.
Jimmy thought he had been born as the wrong gender so he had a sex change and is now transgendered person.
by Skialian January 04, 2014
A person who defines themself by a gender other than the physical gender they were born into. I disagree with the above example because it says "he" wears feminine clothes because he is transgendered, etc. Transgendered people live their lives in what they feel is their 'real' gender, and shouldn't have to still be referred to as their birth gender if it doesn't apply to them. Being transgended does not indicate homosexuality or bisexuality in a person.
Brad wears feminine clothing because <b>she</b> is transgendered. Brad has also asked me to call her Britney, since her birth name 'Brad' makes her feel uncomfortable.
by Bryan_02 April 02, 2007
Has absolutely no affiliation with "so you want to be a T-girl". The book is nothing but hate and slander mixed with the author's personal prejudice.

Transgendered is a blanket term for a person that does not associate with the assigned gender that they were given at birth. You can be a female in a male's body, a male in a female's body, a gender fluid person etc.

Do not confuse transgender as a form of sexuality. You can be any form of transgendered and still fall under any form of sexuality.
She is a transgendered woman, born a man but identifies as a woman.
by psykat January 22, 2015
Someone like me who defines themselves as another gender. Some get sex changes, some don't. It's nothing to be insecure over.
Dont call me a woman wannabee, im a transgendered.
by ..MICHAEL TODD REHMEYER... April 21, 2008
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