When a woman has had sex and there are rements of the mans semen left over inside the woman's vagina and when she queefs it sounds wet. Making a quaffe sound.
Wow that quaffle sounded like a repressed fart.
by Iioveupookey266261 January 19, 2014
Contrary to popular belief, a quaffle is NOT that Harry Potter thing! A quaffle is what you call a waffle that's been placed in a blender and liquidized into a beverage.
Quaff a waffle! Thus, it's a quaffle.
by Liz February 03, 2005
1. put a downer on someones story
Sarah: i just watched titanic
Me: oh the big boat thing.
Sarah: don't quaffle me!
by pipindale February 16, 2013
1- Ball to play quidditch
2- stupid ( boys/guys )
3- F!
1- Quaffle through a goalpost! Griffindor has a point!
2- U quaffle!
3- U didn't pass the exam!! U got an F!
by mooninthedark May 16, 2008
verb: to waver between possible choices, to the annoyance of another person.
Why does he quaffle every time we need him to make a quick decision?

She's quaffling on the issues.
by aspirit December 02, 2011
The banter that wine buffs employ to describe their beverages, often only understood by other quaffers. Waffle for quaffers.
"this rather rambunctous claret has hints of French Oak and berries in the bouquet, and eathy tones on the palette with a hint of cinnamon" this is quaffle
by Dean Corin January 22, 2006
Extreme pointlessness.

(comes from the pointlessness of the quaffle in the game quiddich)
His talk was quafflingly stupid.

The extra door is quaffling
The window is a quaffle.
by TheModernAge324 June 26, 2007

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