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Extreme pointlessness.

(comes from the pointlessness of the quaffle in the game quiddich)
His talk was quafflingly stupid.

The extra door is quaffling
The window is a quaffle.
by TheModernAge324 June 26, 2007
3 10
a really bad hair do. cross between quaff (hairstyle) and awful.
Naruto: Sasuke your hair is a quaffle
Sasuke: What do you mean ?
Naruto: It looks like a ducks butt
by vampirexlovers95 April 04, 2008
4 12
the main ball used in a quidditch match. the quaffle is thrown through a hoop and is worth 20 points.
Ryan threw the quaffle by Kurt repeatedly until Louise flashed Ryan
by Rdiesal March 11, 2005
16 24
The opposite of a queef a fart made from the pen15 as a sign of affection.
Why is your arm all bruised?
Yesterday i made a quaffle and i didnt call safety!
by oren March 24, 2005
1 22