the main ball used in a quidditch match. the quaffle is thrown through a hoop and is worth 20 points.
Ryan threw the quaffle by Kurt repeatedly until Louise flashed Ryan
by Rdiesal March 11, 2005
a really bad hair do. cross between quaff (hairstyle) and awful.
Naruto: Sasuke your hair is a quaffle
Sasuke: What do you mean ?
Naruto: It looks like a ducks butt
by vampirexlovers95 April 04, 2008
Extreme pointlessness.

(comes from the pointlessness of the quaffle in the game quiddich)
His talk was quafflingly stupid.

The extra door is quaffling
The window is a quaffle.
by TheModernAge324 June 26, 2007
The opposite of a queef a fart made from the pen15 as a sign of affection.
Why is your arm all bruised?
Yesterday i made a quaffle and i didnt call safety!
by oren March 24, 2005

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