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to touch and/or caress the female chest. This can involve hands or a toungue.
Sometimes can be referred to when caressing the female ass for erotic pleasure.
I love feeling up Jenna's warm firm tits with my hand, it gets me so hard and she usually lets me cum on her tits later.
by Oren June 03, 2003
When a male/female toungue is in contact with the femal chest (usually nipples). Usually brings great pleasre to licker, and erotic pleasure to partner being licked.
Also see, sloppy second
As Penelope took off her tight shirt and i saw her huge rack, i got so hard. She then took off her bra and put my hand on her right tit. She proceeded to take my head and put it on her chest, almost demanding me to suck her warm tits, so i started titty sucking her.
by Oren June 16, 2003
A pronunciation of haunted used primarily in the rural south
The elevator in my highrise is hainted, and so scary that bums won't even go in there to pee.
by Oren November 17, 2004
when a big momma asults you with her over sized wooden spoon
big momma whipped me with her spoon
by oren November 06, 2004
some one who is extremely obese not hygenically up to date and unshaven, ususally accompanied by the remains of food stuffs hanging on various places. Applies to both sexes.
the big rosy o'donell
by oren November 06, 2004
kids in high school that have teeth that look as though they have been feeding on limestone for all meals
itamar was definatly chewing rocks
by oren November 06, 2004
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