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Its like drinking, but you spill more.
With 3 pints to go and only 2 minutes before they would be thrown out of the pub (bar), quaffing was a given.

They quaffed their ale with gusto!
by FanBoy Alex August 16, 2005
Traditionally refers to drinking alcoholic beverages. Some nog, perhaps. To go "quaffing" together is a reference to drinking or wassailing. In modern terms, quaffing still refers to drinking, though heavily. "Quaffing" is also used in some circles in a more vulgar manner.
Laughing, quaffing all together.
Fa la la la...
by J*Dub December 08, 2005
Used like "fucking", but used to refer to something stupid. Can be used in many forms, including, quaffer,
Get your quaffing ass over here now

God Summer, stop quaffing around!

I totally saw you with that quaffer, you bastard!
by Axl Foley February 22, 2005

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