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The most popular softdrink in the Universe.

Quafe first appeared two centuries ago and, like so many soft drinks, was initially intended as a medicine for indigestion and tender stomachs. But the refreshing effects of the drink appealed to everyone and the drink quickly became hugely popular. This success of the Quafe Company, which has mostly come about in the last three decades or so, can be largely credited to one man: Poire Viladillet, the CEO of the Quafe Company for the past 35 years. Under his leadership the Quafe Company has propelled from being one of several leading soft drink manufacturers into a clear and undisputed supremacy.
Have a Quafe and smile...
That Quafe is goood...
by Gallente represenative October 27, 2004
306 50
The spot or groove between your nuts and your thighs. Plural form is quaves.
Man, my quafe was itching last night, so I had to get up in there and scratch it.
by Quafelover March 01, 2009
33 75
Vaginal Flatulence, from a largely obese woman, exiting with enough force to rock the ground.
damn, her quafe could rock the richter scale.
by Phaaro May 19, 2008
20 121
The male equivalent to a woman's queef where a small bubble of air gets caught inside the penis hole and makes a high pitched noise similar to that of a balloon when released.
I was embarassed when I quafed in front of my girlfriend.
by Seyton August 28, 2006
25 133