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A quaffer, pronounced alternately "kwaffer" or "quayfer", is an alternative word semen, but can only refer to semen when applied to a female face or ingested by a female in a sexual act.
A quaffer shot is the same thing as a cumshot.

Wow, that's a great quaffer shot!
by Orderite February 14, 2009
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One who drinks with a passion.
Otis used to be a big quaffer, but ever since he met that old lady, he has toned it down a notch.
by Craig Karp December 30, 2003
Arecently patented shot glass with a built in chaser
by Nikki October 06, 2003
a quarder pound of endo
yo i can score quaffers for 750
by bizzy b February 25, 2004
Another term to mean homosexual.
Magdee you quaffer stop trying to bullyram me.
by Rutbag May 28, 2006

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