The percussion insturment consisting of 4 drums, two large, two small, all smaller than a snare.

The players of these, also called tenor drums, are normally the most arrogant people in marching band.

When you're getting into a block to start marching watch out cause most quads WILL take you out. Same as bass drums
Normally have the lead drum parts, most important percussion instrument when playing street beats/cadence
Also the only percussion sections that put their harnesses under their jackets
Kent: Quads comin through!
Everyone else: watch out!!!
by maryse August 29, 2009
In the game of poker, and possibly other card games, the term "Quads" means a player has four of the same card rank, or four-of-a-kind.
I didn't think much of my pocket snowmen until I flopped a set of 8's and then got quads on the river -- I knew I had the best hand.
by Giskard March 22, 2005
Quads are people that are cry alot because they lose at stuff really easily,
Quads can also be defined as big noobs at video games
Boy 1:"Hey you see that guy over there?"
Boy 2:"Yeah he is raging at that League of Legends game really hard
Boy 1:"Yeah he is a real quad"
by Death Angel March 12, 2013
Slang term for the word BassLow frequency oscillations produced by rapid movement of large volumes of air at multiple cycles per second thus producing a very low rumbling sound that is harnessed and used in music form
drop the quad feel the rattle
by Justice October 15, 2002
A motorized device offered from one family member to another, much like the gifts the three wise-men brought to Jesus.
Igor: If I were your brother-in-law I would buy you guys quads

Paul: You are our brother-in-law
by Shaq Pack January 05, 2013
A ratchet group that consists of 5 people. Also known as a wolf pack who travel to different parties, and gets ratchet.
you finna go to that party this weekend? i heard that young quad is gonna be there, they tear shit up!
by grinch45 February 27, 2011
Also known as a Q.P or a Quad-P
Quadruple P = Pretentious, pious, pompous person

Right about all haters are Quad-Ps. They generally are condescending and/or non-tolerant to the beliefs and interests of others.
Person #1: Deathcore is for posers. Anyone who listens to that is a loser.
Person #2: You just don't understand it.
Person #1: Cuz im not a retard like u.
Person #2: Ur such a Quad.

by Ms.Anthropy April 16, 2009

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