Also known as a Q.P or a Quad-P
Quadruple P = Pretentious, pious, pompous person

Right about all haters are Quad-Ps. They generally are condescending and/or non-tolerant to the beliefs and interests of others.
Person #1: Deathcore is for posers. Anyone who listens to that is a loser.
Person #2: You just don't understand it.
Person #1: Cuz im not a retard like u.
Person #2: Ur such a Quad.

by Ms.Anthropy April 16, 2009
A really horrible ratchet person. Kind of like a scrub, but 100 times worse.
Huda: Man, I hate everyone in that group.
Jessica: Right! Squad of quads...
by quad May 13, 2014
Quad= four; a group of four friends.
Did you see the quad over there?
by Miss Kay1234 November 28, 2012
a group of four girls that are best friends and are inseparable
"Check out the dimes in that quad"

"Have you banged all the girls in that quad?
by quad_gurl91 December 10, 2011
When two friends have to poop at the same time and go in stalls side by side. Single person pooping is a deuce. Times 2 is a quad
guy #1 - " Bro i gotta deuce"
guy #2 - " Dude me too!"
guy #1 - " Quad it up bra?"
guy #2 - " Hell yeah!!"
by JpalmnJboogie February 27, 2011
a person attracted to males, females, hermaphrodites, and animals
That kid is a quad. He dated Bob, and later Sally. Now he has a crush on his pet dog.
by Ariaxxx April 01, 2009
a fun loving group of four, usually really good friends always looking for a good time
yo you know those girls, viki, caroline, amanda, and quad.
by ashantay ferry January 03, 2010

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