As 95 South explained to us in the "Tootsie Role", the brand new dance for 199Quad. Just plain 4.
by angieledbetter July 04, 2009
a shit that has been provided at a higher magnitude than a number two.
"Dude it smells like ass in there, what the fuck did you do?"
"I dropped a QUAD...bitch"
by SHITFACESTICKBREAK January 10, 2009
A really horrible ratchet person. Kind of like a scrub, but 100 times worse.
Huda: Man, I hate everyone in that group.
Jessica: Right! Squad of quads...
by quad May 13, 2014
A four wheeler, as known in the state of New Jersey.
"I am going to go ride my quad on the beach down the shore."
by Jayko May 22, 2009
A group of four people, or more specifically, two couples, in a polyamorous relationship.
Bob: You and your wife seem awfully friendly with that other couple.
Ted: Yeah, I didn't know how to tell you, but we're a quad.
Bob: What's a quad?
Ted: We're all boyfriends and girlfriends.
Bob: At the same time?
Ted: Sometimes 8-)
by swaydo July 13, 2008
1. all-terrain vehicle

2. quadruple-stack of the drug ecstasy
im gonna ride the quad on the trails through the woods

lets pop a quad and fuck
by crackson May 15, 2007
a quarter of an ounce
let me cop a quad
by PAT September 25, 2003

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