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Indians (Asian inidans, not red indians)
Brown people are awesome
by Ariaxxx May 17, 2009
the asian way of laughing on chat; alternative to hahaha
Asian laughing at joke: Puhaha!
by Ariaxxx November 15, 2009
a person attracted to males, females, hermaphrodites, and animals
That kid is a quad. He dated Bob, and later Sally. Now he has a crush on his pet dog.
by Ariaxxx April 01, 2009
an abbreviation some people use for the word "please". similar to "plz" or "pls".
Pl send me an email today.
by Ariaxxx June 18, 2011
A FOBby way of saying "hi" or "hello"
hai myslf jagdeep. . . ! ! ! ! 1 1 wanna b frensz?????
by Ariaxxx November 15, 2010

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