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Indians (Asian inidans, not red indians)
Brown people are awesome
by Ariaxxx May 17, 2009
the asian way of laughing on chat; alternative to hahaha
Asian laughing at joke: Puhaha!
by Ariaxxx November 15, 2009
an abbreviation some people use for the word "please". similar to "plz" or "pls".
Pl send me an email today.
by Ariaxxx June 18, 2011
a person attracted to males, females, hermaphrodites, and animals
That kid is a quad. He dated Bob, and later Sally. Now he has a crush on his pet dog.
by Ariaxxx April 01, 2009
A FOBby way of saying "hi" or "hello"
hai myslf jagdeep. . . ! ! ! ! 1 1 wanna b frensz?????
by Ariaxxx November 15, 2010
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