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Asian cougar who is in position of power usually as wife of a boss. Known to be skilled in primitive thinking behaviours such as manipulation and deception in order to fuck you over.
Don't fuck her, man. She's a Dragon Lady.
by ponte September 10, 2006
kissing your boss's ass usually so you won't get fired
You can either join the union or go on sucking dick.
by ponte September 10, 2006
1. manipulative behaviour e.g. reverse psychology
2. predicting what will happen

Unfortunately, shitheads will sometimes mistake when a person is just simply predicting an unfortunate consequence due to a shithead's actions and accuse that person of "playing mind games."

See Mark McKinney from Kids in the Hall references to "mind games"
Hey man, don't play mind games, all right?
by ponte September 10, 2006
Taiwanese slang for a nerd. Stands for si piao piao
She's so SPP. (ta name spp)
by ponte September 10, 2006
slang term for Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. So named because there is so little sunshine in Vancouver that most people are clinically depressed and thus bitching all the time.
God, I can tell you're from Bitchcouver.
by ponte September 10, 2006
a young stoner in public school who has been a tobacco smoker for such a time that it has stunted his/her growth
Nelly is always hanging around with those shrubs at the breezeway. I think she might be doing weed now. Can Furtado even afford it?
by ponte September 10, 2006
Quando d'estate il sudore dello scroto si mescola e fa discendere nella mutanda il resto delle feci, ecco che si forma la sugna. Che poi sarebbe la salsa marroncina che mettono sopra lo stinco di maiale
Un esempio di sugna è la scorreggina estiva con sorpresa
by Ponte June 16, 2015

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