The person above me is a complete idiot, a python does not break its prey's bones, it constricts the prey item, and as the prey breathes in, the python squeezes tighter. The only deadly python in the world is the world's largest snake, the reticulatedpython. The anaconda is NOT the largest snake, butthe heaviest, weighing in at 300-500 pounds. So, in fact, the person who posted above me is a complete idiot who knows NOTHING about reptiles.

Also referring to one of the greatest comedic geniuses in the world, Monty Python.
"Look at that tiger morph ball python, it's awesome."

"The flying circus."
by Alec July 01, 2004
Top Definition
Python is a powerful high-level interpreted language. Python's design is notably clean, elegant, and well thought through; it tends to attract the sort of programmers who find Perl grubby and exiguous.
print "Hello World"
by steak July 24, 2003
A great little language invented by Guido "the man" van Rossum. John Carmack "swears by it", he wrote the Quake 2 engine in it!
print "nohtyp"::-1
by dan murray March 29, 2005
The best thing to happen to Computer Science students in a data and file structures or algorithms class.
Joe: "Man...I spent a week coding that algorithm in C."
Moe: "I got it done in one evening with Python. It works great."
Joe: "Say, what? Where can I download that?"
#c #c++ #c# #c sharp #python #algorithm #computer science #data #file structure
by TheNextBillGates March 23, 2010
The biceps or upper arms.
Possibly coined by Pro-Wrestler 'Hulk' Hogan.
"Check out my 29 inch pythons baby!"
#biceps #guns #muscle #arms #hulk
by Toffdude May 29, 2006
A very large and thick snake, often living inside ones pants. The species "Matt Trainotti" is especially known for its singular focus on the fertilization of female eggs. Once fertilized, the leaves the protection of the eggs to the female and moves on to another female. Is highly sought after by female snakes, and is well known to have a craving for alcohol.
"He has a Trainotti python is his pants! Wow! No wonder all the girls love him!" "Looks like he blacked out again. Must be of the 'Trainotti' species."
#penis #snake #girls #eggs #alcohol
by TheNottitrain January 28, 2012
A cousin of the term Anaconda, the word Python also refers to a dick.

Someone who says they like Python is actually trying to hint to you that they enjoy dick.
As a statement of truth: "I have a huge-ass Python"

As a pickup line: "My python's very happy to see you"

As a euphemism for liking dick: "I like Python"
#anaconda #gay #dick #python #py #pickup #euphemism
by OVERLORD11 January 31, 2011
Large biceps. see guns
Hulk Hogan had 24inch pythons
#guns #biceps #hulk hogan #muscle #arms
by Kraken October 24, 2005
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