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a large robust man that scares and intimadates people and at times is known to store crispy creme donuts in his arm pits.
Carmack visited this weekend and messed up the kitchen cookin egg slammers.
by Juan Hernandez March 14, 2005
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When you havent wiped your ass after taking a huge dump, then go tea-bag a chick and rub your asshole on her chin or nose.
I carmacked this whore last night. She was soo pissed!
by holey-moley January 21, 2009
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A small ass community in Mississippi. 100% white population. Home to the Carmack Fishhouse.Everyone has a truck and a four-wheeler. Awesome. Home to rednecks. Home to Lacey, Lizzi, and Cassie, the only teen girls that live here. The only teenage guys are Sawyer and Jay, and a hoe named Brandon.
"let's go mud riding today around the carmack fishouse "
"be at the fishhouse to meet you in 3 min."
by countrygirlfromcarmack December 08, 2012
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