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short for user
by skarufue April 24, 2003
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An acronym, that stands for Ultimate Sack Rider, which means when somebody agrees to everything you say, or do, or suggest, to the point in which you can't take it anymore
guy1- We should go to the movies
girl1- totally
guy2- what a U.S.R.
by coolgreyyyfoxx June 01, 2011
Stands for US Robotics, a company based in Schaumburg, Illinois and founded in 1976, that makes computer modems and related technologies.
I might buy a US Robotics modem this time around.
by kingmustard May 03, 2005
U.S. Robotics (I, Robot (2004))
USR; Three Laws Safe.
by kingmustard March 10, 2005

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