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A cousin of the term Anaconda, the word Python also refers to a dick.

Someone who says they like Python is actually trying to hint to you that they enjoy dick.
As a statement of truth: "I have a huge-ass Python"

As a pickup line: "My python's very happy to see you"

As a euphemism for liking dick: "I like Python"
by OVERLORD11 January 31, 2011
Inserting a dangerous snake up someone's ass before performing anal sex.
After a wild weekend of Python, Gary was bitten on his ass cheek and later died of his wounds.
by dangling_participle August 11, 2011
large, muscular upper arms, well developed biceps
I don't think I could top those pythons.
by The Return of Light Joker August 21, 2011
A popular slang word used to describe something that's cool, hip or awesome. The phrase "That's so python!" is usually used to describe something at the next level, cooler than cool.
OMG, Caitlin those new shoes are SO python!
by LMS9273 December 13, 2010
a scripting progam used to write programs, the text looks like a rainbow.
python is really useful for keyloging
by startstart_compcrash June 12, 2010
When a hot girl shits a seven footer
Damn, my girlfriend just shit a python in the toilet.
by Sydney Linh April 29, 2010
The little worm in my drawers I chase my wife around the house with!
Tammie says, "Bill put your Python away before I start laughing hysterically!"
by BILL-KAYE February 07, 2004