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1. The most vile and evil man to ever walk the planet before whom greed, corruption, torture, and deficit never existed.

2. The source of every problem faced by the Obama administration, every American citizen, and every man, woman and child who walks the planet.

3. The Devil for brain-dead democrats.
Joe: It hurts when I pee.
Jack: It's 'cause of George W. Bush! If only we had more sex education, you might have wrapped it before you slapped it!
Joe: Didn't we have sex ed, like, three times between middle, junior and high school?

Brenda: Violence has sprouted across the Middle East.
Sue: That George W. Bush! If only he had never attacked Iraq, that region would still be at peace!
by TheNextBillGates January 24, 2010
The best thing to happen to Computer Science students in a data and file structures or algorithms class.
Joe: "Man...I spent a week coding that algorithm in C."
Moe: "I got it done in one evening with Python. It works great."
Joe: "Say, what? Where can I download that?"
by TheNextBillGates March 23, 2010
A once great technology company that probably makes the majority of its money in the enterprise sector while designing and manufacturing inferior-quality consumer-level products with horrifically poor customer support.

A recent example is the wave of HP- and Compaq-branded laptops with wifi and video failures out-of-warranty; HP's only response is to either fix the machine for two-thirds what the customer paid or suggest a replacement...paid for by the customer, of course.
My Hewlett Packard laptop died not two years after I bought it. I'm buying an ASUS next time.
by TheNextBillGates January 14, 2010

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