The state of being defeated in a massive way, or the past tense of defeating someone massively.

The word "pwned" comes from the word "owned" which comes from the word "own", which comes from the word... "cat".
John was pwned at Black Ops, he didn't even know how to use the grenade launcher.
by Dick Chappy February 19, 2012
FOR STARTERS it was actually a term originated from FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS IT WAS NOT A MISTAKE it stands for pistol owned such as when the use of a more powerful weapon is available and far more efficient but instead someone uses the weakest weapon a pistol and kills u when u are using a far better weapon in EX:
Player1 Killed Player 2 with Pistol

Player1 Killed Player 2 with Pistol

by Meatwad70587 September 17, 2011
-noun the total domination or shutdown of a person, place or thing.
P1: Hey Lou!
P@:Hey! *slapz him in the face*

by 2skool4kool April 18, 2011
The total ownage and/or complete shutdown of a person, place, or thing.

Derived from the word "owned" but is much cooler and more widely used.

It was created because of an idiot who can't spell "owned" (and so therefore he was pwned)
Speaker one: We totally kicked @$$ in the game last night!

Speaker two: Yeah, that team got PWNED!!
by A. Dumbledore June 06, 2010
The total domination or shut down of a person, place, or thing.
Pwned is used in such places as:
Australia: You just got pwned, mate!
Hawaii: Hola brother you go pwned!
Japan: I pwn you!
North America: You just got pwned!
South part of North America: Y'all just got pwned!
A little south of that: Nomes a sey ya pwn you homes!

Examples of pwned:
Guy staring at laptop: Best porn EVER?
Laptop: We're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I

guy: Hey what's up man?
other guy: SLAP!

Guy with hammer: Hey Lou!
Guy with hammer: What?
by sergeydgr8 April 28, 2009
Having beaten so quick or easily that the opponent looked an amateur. Sometimes spelt pwned.
Man, did you see me in there? I totally p'wned that noob.
by Hypervex October 08, 2006
What happens to n00bs for trying to give an origination for the word pwned when its irrelevant to what it means. In the definition where the origins are from a warcraft misspell he is obviously a n00b because he didnt use the word in an example of him pwning someone.. Pwned is being dominated
GG n00b you got pwned
Lulz.. pwned!
by Spalty67 October 20, 2011

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