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(n) a nubicle is a sweeter way to say nub/noob/n00b/newb/n3wb. nublicle is just much more badass.
omg hien ken is such a nubicle lol
by kiwifuzzl June 05, 2007
pokemon is a japenese comic. pokemon is short for pocket monsters. it came to the U.S. as a trading card game in 1999. along with other game boy color games called Red and Blue based in the Kanto region, then yellow. this consisted of the first 150 pokemon. later on nintendo and game freak made Pokemon Silver, Chrystal, and Gold came out and was based in the Johto region but you could later continue that game in the previously known Kanto region. with these games also released a set of new pokemon. in 2002, the game boy advance versions came out called ruby and sapphire and in may 2005 emerald came out which was an expansion on ruby and sapphire which is a game that takes place in the newly released Hoenn region with a set of all new pokemon. then the nintendo ds came out in 2005 and games called pokemon ranger and pokemon blue/red mystery dungeon were released and those just totally suck ass. then in 2007, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out in a whole new region of Sinnoh region with again a whole new sit of pokemon...now there are over 486...omg, they needed to stop a while ago. anyway, there are also other pokemon games for gamecube and nintendo 64 called pokemon snap, pokemon Colosseum, pokemon xd, pokemon channel, and some others that elude me at the moment. but the ones that are really fun are the rpg ones for gbc, gba, and nds. im 16 and i still play those games. they're fucking fun as hell. pokemon is not for noobs. it is awesome and so is the tv shows, although i do think that they need to stop while they are ahead and just quit making more pokemon.
faggot-that-thinks-pokemon-is-gay person: omg i cant believe you still like this gay japanese thing.
me: dude my alakazam could pwn your ass.
faggot-that-thinks-pokemon-is-gay person: youre gay!
me: pokemon rocks.
(faggot-that-thinks-pokemon-is-gay person now goes and kills himself because he is emo and thinks that pokemon nerds are taking over the world)
by kiwifuzzl June 04, 2007
(adjective) pronounced (pownd)- pwned is another way of saying 'owned'. when you get pwned, you just totally got your ass kicked, either physically or just at utter failure. it is normally used in online gaming. pwned really does mean owned but it came to be because the 'p' and the 'o' on the keyboard are right next to each other so it was originally got mistyped so it became pwned.
(guy falls in a lake on accident) lol u just gotz pwned!

(guy gets utterly killed in the dual arena) omfg pwned!

(guy gets killed) d00d i pwned u!!!1

i gonna pwn u biatch (im gonna kill you bitch)
by kiwifuzzl June 05, 2007
omg, where do i start...
emo has become the new style in middle/high class society today. people want to become emo to get attention. sorry, but i didnt think that wearing your jeans so tight that you can see your tiny little genitals was very attractive...um and neither is your stupid black hair swoosh covering your eye. umm..and neither is your stupid tiny black t-shirt that is so tight that you can see your nipples, ummm and niether are the FAKE cuts on your wrists. mostly middle/high class teenagers are becoming emo. wow, so they have to complain about there oh-so-terrible lives. well im sorry that your girlfriend dumped you, ummm dont kill your self (pussy). emos are pussy ass bitches who think that it is cool to complain and to listen to there music which consists of skinny white males in there high pitched whiny voices singing about how their life just couldnt suck more. the sad part is that emoness is starting to take over little kids as well..like middle schoolers these days are also starting to become emo!!!! omg..............................i think im gonna go cry now and sit in my dark room and listen to stupid whiny-ass music while i cut myself with my fake plastic razor....you know what! go die! i couldnt care less.
emo conversation

emo dick 1: duuude, my life totally sucks. mom wont let me go to the mall..im gonna kill myself
emo dick 2: duuude, like, i totally feel you. lets sit and share our tears *snivel*
emo dick 1: like, yaahh..i know. i hate this fuckin world and i hate myself.
me: CHEER UP EMO KIDS (if they dont cheer up, i pee on them, they get pissed off and go kill themselves, but before they kill themselves, i kill them, i mean hey! killing emos prevents teenage suicides right?.....yeaaaa! =))
by kiwifuzzl June 04, 2007
a person who thinks their farts smell like biodegradable perfume.
guy1: "check out that fucking hippie over there! haha"
guy2: "yeaa. i hate those fucking hippies"
hippie then dies because of all the hate
by kiwifuzzl January 25, 2008

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