Having beaten so quick or easily that the opponent looked an amateur. Sometimes spelt pwned.
Man, did you see me in there? I totally p'wned that noob.
by Hypervex October 08, 2006
What happens to n00bs for trying to give an origination for the word pwned when its irrelevant to what it means. In the definition where the origins are from a warcraft misspell he is obviously a n00b because he didnt use the word in an example of him pwning someone.. Pwned is being dominated
GG n00b you got pwned
Lulz.. pwned!
by Spalty67 October 20, 2011
A verb meaning "to own with a pistol"
coined in Halo 2
He pwned that kid for a killtacular
by Gaaalo January 18, 2011
This is a word that my kids use on the internet.... when I asked what it meant, they told me that it was a bastardized version of "owned".

This is a "teen word".. and for some of you to continue arguing over the origins... well, see my example below.
"Urban Dictionary users who continue to argue over the origins of adolescent internet terminology, are totally pwned by the rest of us who really don't give a shit."
by Whisper00300 December 09, 2006
see pwned, or power owned, or, if the mood so strikes you powned
i just p'wned your bitch ass at World of warcraft
by Al Downes October 30, 2006
Arrived from the word owned,
which arrived from the word own,
Which came from the word CAT
Boy on computer: Best porn ever!!??? *click*
Computer: *pirate song. lalalalalalalala pirate!*
Boy: wtf!?
by murtleturtle February 23, 2011
pwned originated long before warcraft, in a game called Quake.
I was playing Quake Team Fortress when I got pwned by a noob pyro throwing napalm everywhere. What's "warcraft?"
by foonilla February 08, 2011

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