When a cell phone company tells you one thing but then does another....you get pwned!
Ives: "Are you sure this won't extend my contract?"

CELL PHONE CO. : "Yes, we are positive." (secretly grinning)

Ives: "Ok great, lets do it!"

CELL PHONE CO. : (a week later) "Here's your newly extended 3 year contract. Hope you like it! By the way, you just got pwned!"

Ives: "Bullshit!"
by Dark Agent 1024 March 24, 2010
This word's origins do infact come from quake 3 like a gentlemen from the first page mentioned. A player named O.G. coined the term. Furthermore it was not a typo error it was done intentionally. I know this because I am the very O.G. himself. Some may remember my handle, mostly played ctf4 on quake.oarie.net. I'm an unknown e-legend. LOL. I am also the one who coined the term "knee grow."
I pwned your ass
Your whole team got pwned.
by OG$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ February 07, 2010
pwned means owned, this word came about when it was misspelt, gamers in particular like to use this word as it is both insulting and humiliating to the person on the recieving end of the insult.
person no. 1 : my xbox has got 3 red rings of death.
Person no. 2 : dude, you got pwned by microsoft.
by badb0y leer0y August 30, 2009
Regardless of it's orgin, it means to be "owned" or killed in an online video game.
I was pwned by killa45 in CS
by Poprocks4 (2) August 10, 2009
the total shut down or extermination of another team.
we pwned them.ha they dont exist anymore
by deatny July 19, 2009
Meaning "pure ownage", often used to describe how well a gamer defeats another gamer.

Also has references to the game of chess where a pawn is the weakest piece on the board and easily taken.

May also have origionated from a misspelling of the word owned, the p and o are together on the keyboard - however this is not a definition!
The weak character was PWNED by the strong character, the weak character died within a few seconds and it was very funny (to a gamer).
by The hot guy from school... May 05, 2009
The domination of a person, place or thing.

it sounds like poned.
*playing halo*

"dude watch out for my spartan laser!"
guy gets killed by assassination

"You just got pwned!"
by Uzumaki Understudy April 15, 2009

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