To be humiliated, usually with a wise-ass comeback to something said previously.
23:10 <nalyD> monop efish and osok??
23:28 <nalyD> we need one more
23:30 <nalyD> can we just let a stranger play?
23:32 <efish> what about your mom? shes no stranger :p
by OSOK, yes, from #ofp September 22, 2009
An intentionally mispelled term for "Owned". Originating as a result of the "P-key" being adjacent and aligned with the "O-key" on the QWERTY keybpard, it is a commpnly accepted term ampng gamers and shares the same definitipn as "Owned".
1. You just got pwned

2. To accredit the usage of "Pwned" to anything mpre particular than a commpn typo would be an unsubstantiated concept of it's origin.

3. Everyone else's definition of "Pwned" just gpt pwned
by gorytortoise August 26, 2006
The total domination or shut down of a person place or thing.

The word: Pwned originated from the word: Owned, which derived from the word: Own, which came from the word: Cat.
Boy says to other boy who just got nuked on three times straight: "You Just Got Pwned."
by hlposerpwner April 18, 2011
Pwned: The total domination or shut down of a person, place, or thing.
Pwned originated from the word owned, which derived from the word own, which came from the word cat.
by Nigahiga fan March 27, 2011
To be made to look like a little bitch.
"Shawn thought that dude was a girl!" "Pwned."
by WisdomSpeaker March 22, 2011
The way an idiot spells owned.
Idiot: I pwned that guy!
Me: You're an idiot. You owned him.
by Bobby2768 March 18, 2009
While true origin is unknown, people have guessed that either
A: it's A combination between Poned and Owned. These both mean the same thing but are less powerful. Kind of like breasts compare to boobs and tits

B: It's a misspeling of owned, discovered by people playing World of Warcraft.

The definition means you got beaten by someone so bad that it's literally unforgivable and inexcusable.

A word spouted by a random fag whom has no knowledge of what it actually means. Refer to "Gay"
Bob: Wow Frank, you just got pwned at that round of Call Of Faggotry. Thats unforgivable!
Frank: STFU!

Bob: Pwned epic swaggerness!
Frank: Stfu.... Please for your safety.
by shadowfigure11 January 29, 2014

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