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A site with a flash animation stereotyping the average Counter-Strike player. Everyone has seen it, yet people who just find it think it is new and post the link on forums, chat rooms, everywhere.
Everyone: OLD!
by Penguin X February 04, 2005
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Konane's life
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OMG i love the map dust I can pwn so many n00bs on it. Maybe today i'll pwn enough noobs so i can raise my rank in the server from 3 to 1, hehe. Ok you guys, let's move out, rogerthat. guys, you go forward, i'll camp here, roger that. omg you fucking loser i know you hack i'm gonna tell the admin on you you faggot. leave now you faggot leave leave before the admin bans you. fire in the hole. omg what the fuck was that i know you're fucking hacking you fucking fucking teamkiller fucker. you you're fucking definitely gonna get the server ban you faggot.
by konane February 05, 2005
1.Beyond being pwned. It's simply the highest you can go, someone who seriously got burned/hit/shot/ran over/embarrassed to the knees. It's really that bad. Only used when necessary, otherwise simply just use pwned, this word should only be used in real life, and not in games.

2. Another way of saying pwned to someone. Some say the word was derived from the website title ""

3.Made up by a group of kids, who randomly started saying it one day instead of using "owned" or "pwned", it is thought to mean more than "just something".

Nick: "I put dog shit in coreys mouth"
Mike: "LMFAO pwned NL"
by Nick Wintner August 07, 2006

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