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Laugh out loud
1: ...i just got pwned x-x
2: lol
by ~Shinku~ December 31, 2009
The most awesome dessert ever 83
i like PIE
by ~Shinku~ December 31, 2009
Originally a typo of owned
Usually used in MMPORGs after dueling...
xD you just got pwned
by ~Shinku~ December 31, 2009
Role play
also known as RPG
(Role play Game)
1: Wanna RP?
2: kk
by ~Shinku~ December 31, 2009
A female character that is annoying because she is too perfect.
Usually used in RPGs and stories
(RPG) Stop being a Mary-Sue... you have like 102384028 powers already O.o
by ~Shinku~ December 31, 2009

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