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It is common knowledge it originated in warcraft; you'll see a lot of those here, so I wont bore you by repeating it. However, it also applies to when people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
As above:
When people get lots of thumbs down for their bullshit definitions of "pwned"
by Ambrosia January 21, 2005
8 24
1: the complete and total domination of a person or thing
2: originated from the word owned which came from own
3: player owned!
I pwned you suckaaaa!
by pwneddddddd September 29, 2009
3 9
Originated on IRC Quakenet in the 90's
Originally used to denote that you had 'owned' someone of the opposite sex.
She got naked on webcam for me, Pwned!
by Giljrg September 17, 2009
5 11
the total domination or shut down of a person place or thing. the word pwned originated from the word owned, which dervied from the word own, which came from the word cat.
that noob totally got pwned! i pwn u!
by bahahathiswebsitepwns July 02, 2009
5 11
To be owned by someone or badly beaten
We so pwned dat nerd when we wejed him
by ROK 4 LIFE June 07, 2009
1 7
"Pwned" meas u were overwhelmed by something or someone.

This word originated in Dota (warcraft III "mod")
because in the earliest version of this game, when you kill your enemy you need to take his head and sell it in a PAWN SHOP to get some gold. So it turns that, you have just "PAWNED" your enemy. Then the word "PAWNED" became "PWNED" for an easier typeing or maybe just to look more like another expression that means the same thing: "owned".

That's it. ^^
I pwnedddddddddddddd you n000000000000000bbbbbbbbbbb!
by Narox June 02, 2009
5 11
Synonym for schooled, served, burned, etc. It is actually pronounced as poned too. I don't get why it's a w. Who does though?
Girl 1: Yo mama so fat she had to go to Sea World to get baptized!
Girl 2: *thinking* You better back up bitch!
Girl 3: *up in Girl 2's face* OH! YOU JUST GOT PWNED!
by SUCK IT YB April 06, 2009
2 8
Having been trashed in a video game.
"Oh, Marty got pwned by Rob."
by Stewe December 08, 2008
5 11