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An abrievation of Ammunition.
Or A Legend.
Hey, lets go buy some Ammo for the M4A1 today.

Ammo's flooding us man..What are we gonna do?
by Ammo June 08, 2005
1. ammunition

2. info that can be used in a campaign or debate

3. toilet paper
We need more ammo again.
by The Return of Light Joker October 09, 2009
Short for ammunition; often used when commanding others in group airsoft matches.
John: Hey Chris, get me some more ammo, I'm all out again!
Chris: You shoot way too much, dude.
by goaliemon August 05, 2012
A remarkable projectile, mainly of the nerf variety, that cruises through the air; has a irritating penchant for losing itself.
Laura - " Hey what are you guys doing tonight"
J AMMO - "nuttin much, just shootin some ammo's"


"ohh you at joe and brys? Playin with ammos?"


"Hey man, i found some ammo's under the couch"


"uhh just blastin some ammo's before i go to ricks"


"Got ammo's?"


" hey man, how much for those ammo's"
"10 bucks"
by J AMMO February 25, 2010
A family blood line often accused of being less intelegent or in some cases the family engaged in incest (sex with ones family member)
Look the ammoses are a bunch of dumb fucking retards
by Dr jerry Barns December 19, 2004
I just got some good ammo. We should use it in our battle rifle or rocket launcher.
by Code Search September 12, 2008
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