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"Choob" is a word used to describe the annoying kids who abuse the anonymity of the internet by harassing others:
Choobs are typically found in online games, chatrooms and messageboards.
"Haha, look at the silly little choob, why isn't he in bed? Its 9pm!"
by eurobob September 10, 2005
This word is a popular variation of the word owned and is typically used within online gaming circles.
This term was first coined by a geek who attempted to modify his copy of the popular first-person shooting game Half-Life so that the word "Owned" would appear on the screen of anybody he killed, unfortunatly (due to the close proximity of the "P" and "O" key on the standard English keyboard) he accidentally typed it as "pwned" while he was modifying it, so now this word was appearing on the screen of every other gamer that he killed, other gamers thaught that this was 1337speak for pistol-owned, and started using the word whenever they killed somebody with an inferior weapon i,e "I pwned him with my pistol even though he had the rocket launcher!"
Nowadays though it pretty much means the same thing as owned
Also see ownage pwnagepwn and pooned
"I pwned your ass so good in that last game!"
"I have leet skillz, you're gonna get so pwned"
by eurobob September 09, 2005

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