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number that represents posers or is a sign of them. said by the ones who are NOT 43's.
stan: "woah, that chick is SOO trying to be goth"
jackie: "fucking 43's"
by nailbunny March 31, 2005
I made this back in CS Beta 5.

"nub" basically means "newbie"
yera nub, nabs(old clan buddy now in one vision)

you nub.


Dude, you're such a nub. leave.
by nailbunny January 26, 2005
All these "nubs"(newbies) don't know what "pwnd" means and came from so let me tell you... It started on the server Circular Lovin based out in Virginia, where notorious CAL/CPL Players(ksharp, s2k, deadly riot, meepins, 3D, zEx) would play because of the LAN Latency(dual oc-12, you'd get an avg. 9-15) back in CS beta5-1.4 anyways... it came from owned and it's a more extreme kind of owned, actually started as "power owned." I would know this because my friend and I started it back in CS Beta 5.
dude, you got pwnd!
Why do I pwn so much?
by nailbunny January 26, 2005

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