UGHH, this word, originally OWNED, derived from a game called counterstrike. so if you say pwnd in some other game, like halo, you deserve to die.
darK|Star: what bitch, you been PWND.
player: oh dang, i just been pwnd.
by darkstaurez January 22, 2005
past-tense of pwn. To be schooled in such a way that to NOT mock you afterwards would be an affront to PVP'ers everywhere.
I just pwnd you six ways to sunday!

and it's not "p00ned" like this site says, it's pone'd.
by Hwarang September 03, 2003
thinking you're going to win easily and then getting annihilated!!!
Being in the lead 80 points to -35 in 45's and then losing 130-125 to a Viking and Cake
by Cake Hamartia February 08, 2003
The past-tense of pwning someone. (Usually in Counter-Strike)
"Dude, j00 just got pwnd by that awp"
by Cake Hamartia January 16, 2003
Power owned. Past tense of pwn, power own. Otherwise simply used instead of 'owned'.

Pwnd is l33t (or internet) speak.
Dude, you just got pwnd.

I pwnd you at this video game!

Your mother pwnd you last night! It was so funny!
by Storms April 25, 2008
a noob that gets his ass beat
0mFg dud3 i ju$t ttly pwnd erik's noob ass
by mikei October 31, 2006
To be double owned. As the orgional inventor of this word was trying to "own" some one and instead got "owned" themselves by spelling the word wrong.
"Dude, Davy Jones PWND your ass."
by Yukitok September 17, 2006

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