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Punge: A word derived from the great Daniel to describe the squeezing of cats tummys in a loving manner.
I'd like to punge that kitter cream.
by robrobrob March 21, 2008
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(Punk+Grunge = Punge)
A genre of music originating from Punk and Grunge music.
"That was a great Punge band we saw last night"
by Fiend5525 December 03, 2013
The fundamental unit of pungency.
This Gew├╝rztraminer has definite overtones of Wookie punge.
by Super Number One Podcast August 18, 2009
Another word for a woman's vagina.
Woah man, her punge was hairy.
Id stick it in that punge.
by pauze July 07, 2008
A delightful mix of punk and grunge.
Can be a type of music, a way of life, or whatever else.
I'm a bit punk, but I'm also really into grunge stuff. I guess you could say I'm sort of punge.
by Rosemary April 04, 2004

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