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Technical term used as a past tense of "ping"
Did you try pinging their server?

Of course I pung that thing; stop treating me like a n00b.
by jaxst July 29, 2010
The polite term for the word "shart".
When you pass gas with the bonus of pooh.
Whoops, looks like I'm gonna need a new pair of boxers after that shlatulence.
by jaxst November 24, 2010
descriptive word for any article of clothing or accessory that is similar to stereotypical hollywood superstars whom have been caught in the act of not wearing any panties.
Those big ole sunglasses you bought look very antipanty.
by jaxst December 06, 2007
Americanized Chinese food
Let's go get some Chinerican. Do you wanna go to Leeann Chin?
by jaxst January 19, 2011

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