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Pung is an Swedish word for balls!
"Your balls are showing"
"Olovs pung i min mun"

(Not a translation, just two diffrent examples)
by harry June 23, 2004
Technical term used as a past tense of "ping"
Did you try pinging their server?

Of course I pung that thing; stop treating me like a n00b.
#ping #pinged #networking #technology #it
by jaxst July 29, 2010
Pung is actually a Swedish word for scrotum!
"Jonas är en riktigt pung huvud"
"Jonas is a real scrotum (pung) head
#scrotum #nutsack #balls #bollocks #testicles
by Rövknullad January 13, 2011
a uncommon chinese last name,

to be pronounce as if you were to kick a half filled metal bucket of water really hard

a person can often be made fun of using the joke, ping pung (like ping pong) pung pung ( like a term of endearment in some conuntries, but obnoxious as hell to hear your name said hella times) the pung boy/ girl (being said like that makes it known the person cares not to know your name)
dude 1: Is it pong?

dude 2: no its pung, P-U-N-G

dude 1: ohh i see, yeah you're right, it does sound like kicking a bucket full of water, hahaha
#pung #pong #ping #asian #last name #chinese
by Marsheezy October 02, 2009
how one feels after pinging (taking ecstasy, speed, or other stimulants) for too long, and finally hitting the comedown
Damn, I feel so pung after that long weekend on the gear!
#pung #ecstasy #speed #comedown #hangover #scattered
by Jurtle June 07, 2007
Excrement, feces.
"Damn, your pung really stinks!"
by EndGame October 22, 2003
A guy who has gross, pungent smelling, overly hairy testicles. Pubes are unkempt and tangled. May have film on them.
"Gross, that guy I thought was super hot turned out to be a pung, and I couldn't bring myself to go down on him."
#balls #gross #testicles #guy #pubes
by aeroballs January 29, 2014
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