any "puney" individual who is obviously lacking in strength, stamina, or overall good looks.
"aww that guy's a 'pune'"

"watch your step, 'pune'"
by minijimi03 November 24, 2009
Any illness of the temporary, non-fatal sort, as in a common cold. Typically involves chest congestion, NyQuil, and whole boxes of Kleenex for a debilitating runny nose.
Can't go in to work today. I've got the Punes.
by Allanx September 15, 2006
Definition #2 above is completely incorrect. For that definition to be applicable, one must look up the word: POON. P-O-O-N is the correct spelling.
Kevin Michael McAlpine is a POON.
by Gnome November 21, 2004
A child, derogatory, especially a noisy child under minimal parental supervision.
Jeremy decided not to rent the cool studio because he could hear punes next door.


We stopped going to their parties because of a significant pune factor.
by SamsaRant November 05, 2010
n. (pyoon) A variation of wimp. Comes from the word puny.
"I offered Johnny a line of coke but he said he didnt want it"
"Pssh, what a pune."
by Ziggilus October 24, 2007
A Play on Words with the word pun, which is, a pun
That joke was a pune
by mChicago February 09, 2005
short for pun-tang, often used interchangeably with tang. use in place of pussy, slang for female genitalia
i love pune. she eats pune. you smell like pune
by teacherlady April 07, 2005

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