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n. (pyoon) A variation of wimp. Comes from the word puny.
"I offered Johnny a line of coke but he said he didnt want it"
"Pssh, what a pune."
by Ziggilus October 24, 2007
1. To steal something.
2. To rip someone off.
1. "Hey can I have a drink of your soda?"
"No way, you gibbsed my last one"

2. "I payed thirty bucks for this bag but it didn't weigh out and it was full of seeds."
"Man, it sounds like you got gibbsed."
by Ziggilus October 24, 2007
Slang term for cocaine.
"I got about 2 grams of blick left, you ready for a fun night?"
by Ziggilus October 24, 2007
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