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A worthless, expendible person. In television an unrecognized actor whose character, one suspects, will not survive the episode.

Named for the uniform color of expendible cast members on Star Trek.
That guy's a redsuit--he doesn't stand a chance against that that pissed-off Klingon.


That hatchet woman they brought in from corporate thinks she's all that, but she'll shit bricks when she finds out she's just another redsuit.
by SamsaRant November 05, 2010
Plastic wrap, especially in excessively burdensome amounts and/or toxic packaging.

Derived from television cooking personality Jaques Pepin, who frequently wraps his ingredients in plastic wrap, which he pronounces by virtue of French liaison as "plastee-krap."

May be a component of crapnel.
Don't buy that brand of compact fluorescents, or we'll have to shell out $20 for that special doohickey that cuts it out of its plasti-krap.


I heard that Tina wraps school lunches in so much plasti-krap that her preschoolers have already started puberty.
by SamsaRant November 05, 2010
The explosive discharge of small, sharp plastic toys that occurs at children's parties and holiday events.

Derives from shrapnel + cheap plasti-krap, a description which encompasses both the sharp, weapon-like properties of the toys and their uselessness, and thus propensity to scatter on the floor of children's rooms where they cut parents' bare/stocking feet.
Watch out for crapnel; there were goody bags at the party.


Wendy's foot required three stitches when some Halloween crapnel rolled into her open-toed Keens.
by SamsaRant November 05, 2010
A child, derogatory, especially a noisy child under minimal parental supervision.
Jeremy decided not to rent the cool studio because he could hear punes next door.


We stopped going to their parties because of a significant pune factor.
by SamsaRant November 05, 2010
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