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The act of stalking someone via satellite imaging programs such as Google Earth.
Friend 1: Hey dude, I just got that girls number and address. I wonder what her house is like!
Friend 2: Why don't you do some Orbital stalking to find out?
by Spökmacka July 21, 2010
Making dinner plans with the parents in order to not have to cook yourself.

A tactical dinner operation usually goes like this:

1. Calling the parents wanting to "catch-up".
2. Having the dinner
(3) Bringing any left-overs home, making the operation even more successful, in the sense that you now have food for several days, saving both time and money.
Bro 1: What are you doing on friday?

Bro 2: I'm having a tactical dinner with my parents

Bro 1: Smart move, bro!
by Spökmacka November 21, 2010
A term derived from the word pwned.

This term can be used when you've pwned someone with a pun, hence PUNing the person.
-What are you doing for christmas?"
-I'm actually helping a friend of mine moving"
-Oh, happy haul-idays!"
by Spökmacka December 28, 2010
Workplace-proof version of Like a boss and can be used in the same manner, for example at the office.

CEO is short for "Chief Executive Officer" and is the top dog of the company.
Office worker to a group of peers: "And I walked up to Ginas desk, put the reports on it and walked straight out without saying a word, like a CEO"
by Spökmacka January 13, 2013

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