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A stupid and belligerent action, referring to the character Braedd Laeryn of Shessara from the popular online game NationStates.net
"He pulled a Laeryn."
by Lucius December 10, 2004
Cocane or other drugs
from the movie "scarface"
"Ea get the jota."
by Lucius October 08, 2003
Verb. The M.K. Verb for "to suffer from angst".
He angsts often because he is a teenager.
by Lucius March 21, 2005
baby pig,
could be used to describe a somewhat person
Shut up choat!
by Lucius March 08, 2003
1)refrence to a womans vigana, from puntang
2)used in place of moron, also poon
3) used to describe anything with dislike.
1) She had a tight ass pune.
2)You slammed your head in the door, haha you stupid pune.
3)We have a test! This shits pune.
by Lucius March 08, 2003

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