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5 definitions by Lucius

A stupid and belligerent action, referring to the character Braedd Laeryn of Shessara from the popular online game
"He pulled a Laeryn."
by Lucius December 10, 2004
6 2
Verb. The M.K. Verb for "to suffer from angst".
He angsts often because he is a teenager.
by Lucius March 21, 2005
6 18
baby pig,
could be used to describe a somewhat person
Shut up choat!
by Lucius March 08, 2003
24 41
1)refrence to a womans vigana, from puntang
2)used in place of moron, also poon
3) used to describe anything with dislike.
1) She had a tight ass pune.
2)You slammed your head in the door, haha you stupid pune.
3)We have a test! This shits pune.
by Lucius March 08, 2003
16 41
Cocane or other drugs
from the movie "scarface"
"Ea get the jota."
by Lucius October 08, 2003
13 57